14 Best Content Creation Tools For Marketers


Having a collection of high-quality tools at your disposal is imperative when it comes to digital marketing.  You need resources to help you measure the success of your published content and to find ways to improve it. As more and more businesses move to online content marketing, it is even more important to be fully aware of your online impact.

These 14 tools will help you create, track, and improve your online footprint. They will help you find the right audience, improve your ROI, and create gorgeous aesthetics to enhance the experience for your viewers.

1) Harvest


Harvest is a time tracking tool to help you manage the time you spend on marketing efforts for each project. When you are more effectively able to manage your time, you’ll be able to maximize the effectiveness of your content creation time.

2) TrapIt


Trap It is a tool for marketers who want a more streamlined and successful social media experience for their readers. Users can choose from a huge library of previously tested content, and use the platform to more effectively market their brand.

3) EssayMama


Essay Mama offers a wide variety of resources for writers. You can hire their team of professional writers to write high-quality targeted content for your website. If you’ve already written the content, you can hire them for editing and proofreading services. They offer a fast turnaround and a blog with helpful tips for writers.

4) Contently


Winner of the 2015 Digiday Signal Award for Best Content Marketing Platform, Contently is a full service marketing company that can improve your content and increase your ROI. By using a “story telling” method, their team of over 45,000 writers, journalists, artists, and producers will help build and retain a high-value audience.



GIMP is a platform that’s very similar to Photoshop. It’s all easy to use platform that allows you to seamlessly add photos to your posts. And 40% of people respond better to visual images than to plain text.

6) Skitch


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Skitch works in conjunction with Evernote. Skitch lets you add shapes, sketches, and annotations to your existing photos.

7) Mention


Mention lets you know who is talking about your brand on social media so you can join the conversation and increase your customer relationship management.

8) LookBookHQ


Similar to Pinterest, LookBook HQ is a visual storyboard. You can use it to make your website or articles more appealing. Your images can be embedded with text and shared across other platforms. Their website claims that with LookBookHQ, you can “do more with each moment of attention.”

9) Haiku Deck


With Haiku Deck, you can create a beautiful slideshow for your website or blog. You can also use the website to create beautiful presentations.

10) CoSchedule Headline Analyzer


Use CoSchedule to analyze the merits of possible headlines for your article. You type in the headline, and CoSchedule will give you a score between 1-100. You can easily compare different headlines until you get the one with the highest score.

11) Little Bird


Little bird allows you to discover and engage with the most relevant and credible content influencers across a variety of channels. You can effectively reach twice the number of influences in just three months than you would without the website. Mark Cuban calls it a “game changer for social media intelligence.”

12) Percolate


Percolate provides a wide variety of content for marketers to share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and WordPress. After a short period for Percolate to get to know your brand, it will suggest content and provide helpful insights for your marketing efforts.

13) Track Maven


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Track Maven tracks the performance of all of your articles and webpages in one place. Get SEO analysis, create alerts, and compare your results to your competitors.

14) UberFlip


UberFlip lets users create, manage, and optimize their content in one place. You can use this tool to create a “hub,” full of the information you want your business to be known for.

Now that you these fantastic resources at your disposal, you have no excuse but to have high-performing, high-quality content across all of your digital platforms. You will be able to more effectively manage your content, and more importantly, your brand and reputation. Good luck!



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