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ContentStudio Review 2023: Is It Any Good?


In this post, I have featured ContentStudio Review 2023 which includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality, and more. Let’s get started here.

Nowadays building a solid online presence for your brand, business, blogs, and websites play an important role in making it successful. Social Media is ruling the internet and it’s the best time to reap the benefits of trending social media platforms.

But wait, building a solid presence on social media needs unique content that can leverage audience and sales as well. Only creating unique content will not do the trick here you need to discover, share, and monitor engaging content.  There are hundreds of content discovery and automation tools that can help you in creating content but somehow its lags at a point.

Bottom Line Upfront: ContentStudio is a small to medium-size enterprise and single entrepreneur friendly cloud based digital marketing and content marketing platform. ContentStudio comes with some of the amazing features like Automated writing, content creation, multiple account control, multiple user coordination, content planning, and social media tracking are some of the main features. Get better ROI from your marketing efforts with Content Studio native integrations. Checkout Content Studio Now!! is a powerful platform that helps you in finding trending content for your channels or blogs right with interesting articles, videos, images, GIFs, and quotes right in your industry and niche.

ContentStudio Review: What Does ContentStudio Do?

What Is ContentStudio? offers a versatile platform for content marketing and managing social media under one roof. It mainly offers advanced features that will really make it easy to simply manage different social channels right at one click with engaging content.

ContentStudio Review- Social Media Management Platform

ContentStudio gives you the ability to find topic-relevant content that is filtered by social shares, and different media types along virality. Just select individually for your topic feeds or set up the automation campaigns right with your own rules in order to publish content remotely and automatically to select your channels.

You can use this amazing platform to monitor, discover, and share legitimate content in any niche and industry. The best part is that ContentStudio is extremely easy to use and here you don’t need to have any technical skills for managing accounts and everything is just one click.

This tool allows you to discover the web and social media to monitor content simply by creating your own feeds using relevant search terms and domains. ContentStudio is truly flexible as it doesn’t matter how many social channels you have here you can simply publish and schedule content to different blogging schedules along with social channels easily.

You can simply increase engagement right up to 3X simply by using amplification tools like post recycling, image enhancer, hashtag suggestions, and many more things.  

ContentStudio offers amazing products like discovery, curation, automation, planning, publisher, and analytics that will help you in boosting your social media engagement.

What Can I Do With ContentStudio?

ContentStudio is multi-purpose social networking management and content marketing platform that helps you to find, create, and upload the right stuff. It offers a collection of tools for content analysis publishing, scheduling, monitoring, and optimization, all of which are designed to make marketing departments’ jobs easier.

It’s ideal for finding viral content, handling several social media accounts, recycling evergreen material, reviewing results, collaborating with colleagues, and so much more.

Powerful Tools To Play With

Users can handle several social media profiles with the help of ContentStudio from a commonplace. It also has an integrated composer that allows designers to access personalized recommendations for their social media profiles. Features such as content recommendations and a search engine optimization toolkit are all included in the composer.

Users could also use ContentStudio’s creative planner to prepare their customized promotions and analyze, schedule, and post content all in one location. In addition to this, the platform combines a number of third-party applications, including Pixabay, Giphy,, Chimp Rewriter, Flickr, and many others.

The services are offered in monthly or yearly subscription plans. Phone and email assistance are available.

ContentStudio Key Features Review:

1. Content Discovery

Let us start with the content discovery part. How many of you have been stuck in a rut with your writing? How many of you have been uncertain exactly what sort of material your target audience will enjoy reading? If this is the case, ContentSudio’s smart search function is for you. It’s a research engine that browses the internet for the best stuff relevant to your context.

Despite the fact that it is run by artificial intelligence (AI), you are not obligated to use the tool’s algorithms. Complex questions can be created to determine the best blogs and content from all around the internet. You can even use ContentStudio to find out what are the most popular discussions happening right now in your field.

Captions (or pull quotes) from other resources will also be produced by the application, which you may insert in your personal content. In a nutshell, the content discovery function can save you countless hours of Google searching.

ContetStudio Review- Discovery Articles

2. Influencer Discovery

ContentStudio will help you in finding important bloggers in your sector. While Instagram is generally regarded as the “hub” for identifying influencers, the platform can also recognize important personalities on both YouTube as well as Twitter.

Significant insights for each established influencer are also highlighted by ContentStudio, such as:

  • Demographic insights
  • Engagement analysis
  • Or a specific category

You should contact those bloggers that you believe would connect with your intended audience when you have identified them.

ContetStudio Review- Create Topics According To Your Requirements

  • 10+ Content Sources: They have more than 9 major content sources that generally monitor a huge database of sites right along with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Imgur, Giphy, Pixabay, and many more in a row.
  • Multimedia Content (Videos, Images & GIFs): The best part about ContentStudio is that it doesn’t limit to articles only. Here you can also find videos from Facebook, YouTube, and Dailymotion. For images and GIFs and more formats.

Automation: ContentStudio has a function that allows you to schedule your posts and just forget about them. You can use it to post your stuff through your content schedule on a regular basis.

You can either let the software choose the appropriate time and date for online publication depending upon its algorithm, or you could just build your own unique plan by picking up the best dates and times for publication according to your preferences.

ClickStudeio Review- Automation

  • Keyword & Domain Filter: Just select your keywords along with domains in order to pass the type of content you actually want to share right with your audience. You can exclude all the irrelevant content posting to improve your accuracy.
  • Advanced Filter For Targeted Content: With the help of this feature you can easily filter content by length, region, language, postage along engagement level.
  • Smart Suggestion: Right when you get related keyword suggestions in order to expand or limit your content. Also with this feature, you can easily exclude or include any of the suggested keywords.

3. Composer

WYSIWYG, that is, What You See Is What You Get designer is also available through ContentStudio. It’s identical to the WordPress editor which you may have used.

Create configured material and posts, add pictures, and insert video clips with it. You can also use the platform to look for royalty-free images and video content.

And search engine optimization

Yes, ContentStudio will assist with Search engine optimization as well. It does so with the help of a real-time ranking. If your ranking starts to drop, implement alterations to your post to increase the likelihood to appear higher in the search engine results pages (i.e. SERPs).

Is there someone in your audience who speaks a language other than English? If that’s the case, you can take advantage of ContentStudio’s translation function. It can be used in any language. The tool also works with a variety of “spinner” providers. 

If you are not well acquainted with spinners, they are software that automatically rewrites the posts so you don’t get penalized for any duplicate material. They are utilized by many black hat hackers. Remember that spinners frequently generate content that is loaded with (pretty hilarious) grammatical mistakes. It’s normally preferable to simply rewrite the post by yourself.

Drip feed publication is also supported by ContentStudio. You can use this to post your material to a blog, and then spread it on other blog platforms, and so forth. You won’t have to think about repeated content problems because the software would apply the canonical label to your post.

However, ContentStudio not only aids in the creation of blog posts; it also aids in the creation of content for social networking sites.

You can personalize articles for each channel, increase your scope with post recycling, and also have the app post your content at a point whenever it’s most apt to get as much interaction. Yeah, ContentStudio works with a number of common link shortening services, such as Google, Bitly, and Replug.

ClickStudeio Review- Composer

  • Video & Image Embeds: With these features, you can easily find and embed topic-relevant videos, images, and GIFs right in your post.
  • Drag and Drop Editor: Here with the help of such an amazing feature you can easily create and add the right content (articles, video, images) to post with the rag and drop editor.
  • Content Suggestions: You can choose to include in your next blog post or social media post simply by searching for relevant content right with their keywords across the web and many social media channels.
  • ContentStudio Review- Social Media Composer

4. Planner

Do you keep track of your content on a timetable? If not, then ContentStudio will assist you in creating one. A content calendar is very important since it assures that your homepage always has a nice amount of content available. Your marketing campaigns can end abruptly if you don’t have a posting schedule.

ContentStudio is a tool that allows you to build a posting schedule with a user interface that astonishingly, resembles a calendar. Simply click a button to select the post or piece of content you would like to be published on a specified date.

If you prefer, you can deal with a list layout rather than a calendar version. You could also use the posting schedule to efficiently and simply locate future content. Simply sort or search by profile, name, teammate, status, or type of post.

  • Interactive Content Calendar: You can simply manage and plan your content from an interactive calendar that gives you the ability to review and edit the post before they publish.

ContentStudio Review- Planner

  • Team Workflows & Collaboration: With the help of this feature you can easily interact with your team to create the best content.
  • Streamline Content: You can plan content for your blog and social media along with managing it all from a single place without any boot calendar.

Publisher: Simply publish engaging content with ease. Just plan, customize and share your content on all multiple platforms. ContentStudio will provide you with all the versatile tools to simply enhance your content.

  • Hashtag Suggestions: Now get relevant content and trending hashtags suggestions for your posts.

ContentStudio Review- Hastag Solution

  • Automatic URL Shortening: With the help of this feature you can easily connect your or the Google Shortener account right with ContentStudio.
  • Multimedia Content: Just find and post videos right from Facebook, YouTube, and many other trending legitimate platforms.

ContentStudio Review- Publisher

5. RSS Feed Reader

A real-time syndication (RSS) feed is presumably used by the majority of the forums that sparked your interest. You can merge and track all of your favorite feeds in a single location with ContentStudio. Make use of such feeds to get ideas for your content schedule.

Furthermore, the application allows you to post content straight from RSS feeds on social networking sites. Easily attach your few comments and post the material on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If you are a fast reader who subscribes to hundreds of channels, you will be happy to know that ContentStudio can manage mass feed uploads. Simply build an OPML file and upload all of your inputs at the same time.

Ultimately, the software allows you to build feed categories so that you may search feeds that are close to each other.

6. Content Insights

“Reverse-engineer any subject or domain’s success stories.”

ContentStudio makes this pledge. The platform delivers on the pledge by showcasing data that demonstrates what aspects of your content marketing strategy are working effectively.

ContentStudio employs artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced statistical analysis to provide you with only the most enforceable ideas. The app will convince you which social media platform is by far the most effective way to engage for you. Use this information to decide where you should focus your marketing efforts.

And after that, ContentStudio will show you your top-performing online content categories. Perhaps you will discover that video connects with your viewers more than visualizations. If that’s the scenario, you are well aware that you will need to create more media content.

You can also get sentiment analysis from the application. Use it to gain a sense of how people feel about a particular subject. Furthermore, ContentStudio would recommend the perfect day during the week to post and advertise your posts.

The software will also display and show you the most popular domains and writers for a given subject. And that kind of perspective will help you in figuring out who you can model your content plan after. In addition to this, ContentStudio will examine the lengths of your blog articles and inform you just how well your post is doing in terms of word counts.

7. Social Media Analytics

ContentStudio does more than just make content management easier. It also provides information that can help you deal with issues. A content marketing study, it accomplishes this. Use the survey to find out which posts are the most common, as well as total interaction and audience development.

You can also make your articles more appealing to your customers by decorating them. Yeah, the reports can be customized. ContentStudio also provides automated reports that are delivered to the customers on a regular basis. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, and are all supported by the tool’s social media insights.

8. Social Inbox

With ContentStudio’s online app, you can practice customer service through different networks from a centralized dashboard This functionality effectively functions as a help desk software. It keeps a record of social media interactions in the same way as more advanced solutions keep records of tickets.

In relation to conversation monitoring, ContentStudio can send an email when responses and feedback are received on your social media platforms. The platform currently supports YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram interactions.

ContentStudio Pricing Plans: 

The pricing plans which are being offered by ContentStudio are very simple and affordable so that you don’t get confused in choosing the right content for you. They have plans for any size of business you can simply choose a plan that is right for you.

Let’s find out what plans they are actually offering:

ContentStudio Review- Pricing Plans

1) Free ($0/Month)

  • Social Accounts-2
  • Blogs- 0
  • Team Members- 0
  • Automation Campaigns- 0
  • Post Per Month (Social)- 500
  • Post Per Month (Blog)- 0
  • Custom Topic Feeds-  1
  • Searches Per Day- Limited

2) Pro ($25/Month)

  • Social Accounts- 10
  • Blogs- 1 Per Platform
  • Team Members- 0
  • Automation Campaigns- 10
  • Post Per Month (Social)- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Blog)-Unlimited
  • Custom Topic Feeds- Unlimited
  • Searches Per Day- Unlimited

3) Small ($47/Month)

  • Social Accounts- 25
  • Blogs- 10 in total
  • Team Members- 5
  • Automation Campaigns- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Social)- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Blog)- Unlimited
  • Custom Topic Feeds-  Unlimited
  • Searches Per Day- Unlimited

4) Medium ($97/Month)

  • Social Accounts- 50
  • Blogs- 20 in total
  • Team Members- 10
  • Automation Campaigns- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Social)- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Blog)- Unlimited
  • Custom Topic Feeds- Unlimited
  • Searches Per Day- Unlimited

5) Large ($197/Month)

  • Social Accounts- 150
  • Blogs- 50
  • Team Members- 20
  • Automation Campaigns- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Social)- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Blog)-Unlimited
  • Custom Topic Feeds- Unlimited
  • Searches Per Day- Unlimited

Now you have got all the plans they are actually offering and here if you do have some specific requirements then you can contact them and go for the Enterprise plans.

In the very beginning, I would like to suggest if you’re a beginner then you should go with the Free Plan they are offering. And once you get familiar with the platform you can simply upgrade to the pro plans according to your need and requirements.

More than 18000+ professionals already trust ContentStudio for their social media management and content marketing needs

ContentStudio Pros & Cons:

The CS content organizer provides a clear and easy-to-understand summary. While the framework has a robust ‘Content Discovery and Insights’ function, it also publishes to a number of social media platforms (I guess 9 at the moment if I remember correctly).

Their ‘Automation Recipes’ feature is very special in that it allows you to automatically search, plan, and upload related content based on the terms you set up. It is also critical that CS have ‘approval functions,’ as with any significant tool, to ensure that incorrect content does not go online.

ContentStudio Pros

  • ContentStudio is very user-friendly and efficient. After I first received it, I was somewhat unsure of its capabilities, but after testing it for almost a year, it has become my go-to fix for every problem. If you have trouble finding new content on a regular basis, you will enjoy this service. 
  • My content marketing plan is made easier with ContentStudio. With the click of a mouse, I can upload to various social media platforms. When I am creating a blog post, I particularly like their SEO tips. I learned how to write SEO-friendly posts thanks to ContentStudio. Most of my blog articles are now doing exceptionally well enough on Google and other search engines.
  • It has a number of other advantages for organizing regular content for me and my customers. It’s simple to use and removes the barrier to getting the task completed
  • It’s wonderful to be able to easily locate and schedule stuff. I really appreciate how well I can arrange anything.
  • I enjoy exploring new topics to report about and being free to share it right on the website. They are also important when writing blogs because they support SEO.
  • Since I had several choices for automatic social media sharing I purchased it mainly for its incredible content discovery function. But it’s impressive to see how far this application has come since last year.
  • Their customer service is excellent, and they are constantly refining and/or adding functionality that will help the end-user. As a “one-man store,” being able to perform several activities within ContentStudio is extremely beneficial.

ContentStudio Cons

  • Direct Instagram sharing is not possible with ContentStudio. It has little to do with the software or the people supporting all this who have all put in a lot of effort to make this a reality.
  • I would like it if you would share the same content in several languages (so that your fans can translate it in their native tongue), and from what I have found, this has been on their to-do list.
  • When something refers to social media analysis as well as other social media management resources, I am a bit confused.
  • The content discovery application does have drawbacks when it comes to discovering information, and it doesn’t always work.

Custom sources are a challenge for the application, and it doesn’t always work.

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