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7 Top Website For Freelance Content Writer 2022- Earn Passive Income


Are you searching for the top freelance article writing websites? You’ve arrived to the correct location.

You’ll find the top websites for freelance content writers to get content writing projects and earn money as a freelancer.

You have every right to be happy now that you’ve started a freelance writing career since this is the sort of job that puts you in control of your life. As a freelancer, you might aspire to achieve the ideal work-life balance, but there are many more fascinating aspects to consider.

Writing web content is a great and well-known technique to get money online. Content writing has proven to be a profitable source of money for many college students.

Many people have turned their article writing into a full-time job. Anyone with decent writing abilities and a good command of the English language may work as a content writer.

If you want to work as a content writer, you must first learn about the websites that hire freelance content writers. Some of the greatest freelance websites for content writers are listed below.

Top 7 Website For Freelance Content Writer In 2022 How To Earn Money With Freelancing Content Writing

1. Fiverr

Fiverr - Website For Freelance Content Writer

The most well-known aspect of Fiverr is that it is the largest marketplace for freelancers. Everything is only $5 (amazing, right?). That is why it has become so well-known.

Fiverr is a great place to start if you’re searching for quick methods to generate money online as a freelance writer.

Fiverr is a global online marketplace that connects consumers and sellers of various services. Fiverr offers a variety of services, including:

  • Writing content.
  • Video editing.
  • Proofreading.
  • Voiceovers.
  • Copywriting.

The most significant advantage of Fiverr is the sheer number of jobs accessible on their marketplace. Almost every organization, including freelance writing employment, uses Fiverr to outsource projects.

Simply establish an account and a task will be created for you. If a customer likes your work, they’ll hire you, and you’ll be set to go.

2. Flexjobs

Flexjobs - Website For Freelance Content Writer

Do you want to work as a freelance writer from home? Then you should check out Flexjobs, which has been one of the most popular sites for freelance content writers since 2007.

In over 50 career areas, you’ll discover full-time and part-time opportunities. FlexJobs is an employment board that connects experienced writers with customers and writing opportunities.

FlexJobs has the advantage of having all of the freelance job postings reviewed and validated. You won’t have to worry about fraud or low-paying jobs because of this.

To see the job specifics, you’ll need to join up for a premium membership to utilize the site.

This site has a wide selection of freelance opportunities, including virtual assistants, SEO specialists, high-quality web designers, copywriters, software development engineers, and coders, among others.

FlexJobs also provides exams that freelancers may complete, and if you pass, your results will be displayed to potential companies seeking freelancers. This makes it simple to distinguish yourself from your peers.

3. Upwork

Upwork - Website For Freelance Content Writer

One of the most popular platforms for freelancers is Upwork, formerly known as Odesk. Graphic designers, content marketing professionals, and freelance writers may all find work in the marketplace.

Short-term and long-term projects are available for writers to bid on. Because of previous efforts on the webserver to create your reputation, it is easy for specialists to use.

That isn’t to say that inexperienced authors shouldn’t use the platform. Before securing a job, you’ll need to be patient and submit a lot of ideas if you’re just starting out.

However, once you begin to deal with clients and establish a reputation as an experienced writer on the site, your hard work will pay off.

Whether you’re selling logo design or content production services, you may post an hourly fee or fixed pricing for tasks.

When making bids, keep in mind that Upwork takes a share of the freelance writer’s salary.

Upwork levies a 20% fee for the first $500 you make with every customer, which is the largest disadvantage. In addition, you must pay up to $0.90 for every proposal for which you were not expressly requested to apply.

So, if you’re just starting out, you might have to pay to play in order to grow your portfolio.

However, I recommend that you just use Upwork for as long as you need to because your freelancing career might get stagnant after a time.

4. People Per Hour

peopleperhour review

People Per Hour is a micro-gig economy platform that connects freelancers with thousands of tasks. Because most businesses need to express their worth to their audience, writing gigs are quite popular on People Per Hour.

However, if you have other abilities such as graphic design, video editing, or voiceovers, firms will hire you. To be precise, there are almost 7 million firms.

And applying for employment on their site couldn’t be simpler. To become a freelancer, simply go to their website and create an account. Next, look for the sort of job you desire, such as “freelance writing,” and sell your skills to any company that needs writing help.

There are three different methods to use this service to locate freelance writing jobs. You may use Browse Hourlies to find fixed-price deals that can begin right away, or you can post a job and let others find you.

There is no commission cost for the rest of your life. You may also utilize the Escrow and invoicing system without restriction, storing all of your messages, invoices, and statements in one place.

5. Contena

Contena - Website For Freelance Content Writer

Contena is a high-end freelance writing platform that aspires to be more than simply “another employment board.”

It’s one of my top freelance writing sites suggestions.

First, they offer a “writing job finder” that automatically compiles the greatest freelance writing opportunities from all across the internet.

Then you can search and browse through them to identify the greatest chances, whether it’s a full-time eBook writing work paying $10,000 per month or a one-off blog article in the sports sector.

This saves you a lot of time compared to searching for employment on a variety of various websites.

However, their daily Alerts emails save you even more time by giving you only the jobs that suit your criteria, such as prices and niches.

Contena’s sole disadvantage is that it is quite costly. It is the only paid employment board on this list, with a one-year subscription costing $497 and a two-year membership costing $997. Because you can obtain the same perks for free on other employment forums, this might quickly overshadow the other benefits.

Despite the fact that you must apply and pay on their platform, the work they create is of such excellent quality that it readily pays for itself.

6. ProBlogger

Problogger - Website For Freelance Content Writer

ProBlogger is a website that provides a writing job board where freelancers may pitch remote assignments. Because companies must pay $75 to advertise a position, I believe the freelance writing work listed on this site is of significantly higher quality than that on other job sites.

The disadvantage is that there isn’t as much traffic on ProBlogger. If you write in a certain area, such as gaming, you’ll have to wait a few days for a position to become available.

But what I like best about ProBlogger is how straightforward and easy it is to use. The website is always up to date, and pitching for a writing project is simple. There is no need for a subscription, advertisements, or credit card information.

Darren Rowse, the creator of ProBlogger, also operates a blog and an email newsletter that offers in-depth ideas, methods, and tutorials on how to boost blog traffic, generate higher-quality content, and make money blogging about what you love.


Freelancer - Website For Freelance Content Writer is a comparable online job marketplace to Upwork.

That means you’ll make a profile, apply for jobs, be hired and paid through their platform, and then repeat the process.

Thousands of tasks (including online writing jobs) are available at any given moment, both by the hour and by the fixed project fee.

Clients publish their work needs on Freelancer, freelancers generate the requested content, and the customer picks and pays for their favorite (s).

For experienced freelancers who can rely on their current portfolios, endorsements, and sales talents, this may not be particularly appealing.

However, it’s ideal for novice freelance writers since it allows you to create your portfolio while still having a chance to be paid — without requiring a lot of expertise!

The drawbacks are the fees: beyond your initial eight bids every month, you’ll have to pay to apply for employment.

You’ll also have to pay 10% of any hours and project costs that you bill via them.

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Conclusion: Website For Freelance Content Writer 2022

Starting a writing career in style is a great way to get started. Even if you’re an established expert, there’s still a lot to discover with these best freelancing websites for writers. Come in and discover which one works best for you!

If you’re lucky enough to have obtained some reputable and professional clients early on in your writing career, you’re in luck since it means you’ll have a steady stream of work and predictable revenue.

This is something that many beginner writers or those who are still at the entry level will find difficult. Nobody starts a business with the intention of failing, and the same is true for freelance writing.

As a result, it’s understandable if you wind up with high-paying clients, steady tasks, and projects that help you grow as a writer.

In the comments section below, tell us which of the top websites for freelance content writers is ideal for you.


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