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AdMaven Review 2022- Best Ad Network For Advertisers & Publishers?


In this post, I am going to share with you my review about AdMaven. Are you concerned about the advertising of your company or the monetization of your blog/website? Of course, everyone is, and even more so when Google AdSense rejects them owing to their stringent rules and restrictions.

To be honest, its pretty difficult to select the best ad network for your site. Everyone desires a revenue-generating advertising network.

The AdMaven network – that many of you may be acquainted with, is one of the most prominent advertising networks after AdSense, having been operational since 2015.

Today well do an AdMaven evaluation to see if its worthwhile or not.

Stay with me and read the full AdMaven review.

admaven review

 What is AdMaven?

Frequently, people like you who are reading this post will ask what AdMaven is. As a result, Im going to walk you through the process from the beginning.

From the launch of Ad Maven lets go through a comprehensive Ad Maven Review 2022. Additionally, youll learn all you need to know about the finest advertising network.

AdMaven is a well-known Ad Network. They specialize in many ad formats such as pop, push-in page and push notifications. A pop-under is a procedure that occurs when a website is clicked and an unexpected new page is opened. Additionally, AdMaven is well-versed in internet advertising.

It has long been a cornerstone of many publishers revenue strategies. It offers an excellent platform for its users in the advertising sector.

Not to mention, it provides publishers with a variety of extra revenue streams for their websites. This includes standard pop-ups, banners, interstitials, sliders, and new tab choices, among others.

How Does AdMaven Work?

how it works

Pop-ups may be triggered by anything as basic as a mouse click, a mouseover, or just loading or leaving a Web page in your browser. There are many kinds of pop-ups and numerous methods for preventing them from appearing on your system.

AdMaven has introduced a new solution called Native Push Notifications – a form of monetization that is fully compatible with Googles new friendly-sites policy.

Additionally, they may be utilized in conjunction with Google AdSense advertisements. Native push is a simple, non-intrusive ad type.

Native Push works well on mobile and desktop and produces very high conversion rates, permitting blog publishers (such as jmexclusives) to earn a lot of money while maintaining a high level of user experience.

Additionally, Native Push does not interrupt the flow of visitors when they are surfing your website.

They do not detract from the revenues generated by other ad types as they take up no space on your website and do not reroute visitors to other websites.

Major Features and Benefits of AdMaven

admaven features

Here are some of the major features and benefits of AdMaven –

1. Direct Account Manager:

AdMaven provides all publishers with 24hrs support. Exclusive publishers will be paired with a personal dedicated account manager to assist them with any inquiries, clarifications, and to ensure that publishers reach their rankings.

2. Payment:

Net 30 days is the standard payment period, which means you get paid at the end of each month. AdMaven supports a variety of standard payment options.

Although the minimum payment level is $ 50, for bitcoin payment the publisher needs to earn at least 500 $ and for wire transfers $ 1,000.

3. Native Push Notifications:

This format is compliant with Googles rules and may be used in conjunction with AdSense.

Native Push is a simple, unobtrusive ad type that works on both mobile and desktop. It has no adverse effect on the user experience and results in increased conversion rates.

4. Increased CPM:

AdMaven charges a greater cost per thousand impressions. As a result, more income is produced. Additionally, they have proprietary real-time bidding (RTB) technology that links disparate networks.

5. Numerous Tools:

AdMaven provides publishers with a variety of ad sizes and styles to utilize on their websites. They offer a plethora of technologies that assist in customizing advertisements based on user behavior and purpose.

6. Monetization Opportunities:

AdMaven provides unparalleled monetization possibilities for all kinds of consumers and impressions, across all devices and geographies. This, in conjunction with a high eCPM, results in increased income for publishers.

monetize with admaven

Admaven for Publishers

Because Admaven receives over 90 % of its traffic directly from publishers, you have the option of selling your traffic directly.

You may begin monetizing your visitors by partnering with the Admaven advertising network. Several of the characteristics include the following:
Reporting: Youll get detailed information on your impressions, clicks, and earnings.

  • Monetize: Transparent reporting, high traffic value
  • Authentic User Experience: High Ad Volume, Low Invasion

Admavens payment plan is very simple. Admaven allows publishers to choose their preferred payment method.

Payments may be made through Epayments, WebMoney, Paxum, Bitcoin, Bank Wire Transfer, Payoneer, and PayPal. . You may choose any of these options to receive money.

AdMaven Pros and Cons

AdMaven Pros

  • Supports a variety of ad types
  • CPM Rate is High.
  • The airport accepts traffic from all around the globe.
  • Statistics in real-time.
  • Sites are not required to get permission to join.
  • Live assistance is accessible 24 hours a day.
  • The Best Ad Network For Independent Publishers.
  • Payments are consistently made on schedule.

AdMaven Cons

  • Due to the high volume of inquiries, the help center is running slowly.
  • Moderations are being delayed.
  • There is no option for resizing images.

Quick Links

FAQs on AdMaven

? What Are The Minimum Payment Terms For Publishers?

Net 30 days is the standard payment period, which means you get paid at the end of each month. Payments from Ad Maven need a minimum of $ 50 through PayPal or Payoneer, $ 500 via bitcoin, or $ 1000 via wire transfer.

?‍♂️ What Are Ad Maven’s Publisher Traffic Requirements?

Ad Maven requires a minimum of 2,500 unique visitors each month, and all publishers must submit their traffic for approval after creating an account.

? What Is The Average CPM Rate For Ad Maven?

AdMaven has a high cost per thousand impressions. As a result, publishers benefit from a high income and return on traffic.

Conclusion- AdMaven Review 2022

You can simply boost your income and advertise your offerings by using AdMaven. I highly advise you to give this advertising network a try. Certainly, you will find it more effective for your advertisements than the other rivals.

My recommendation is that you use the AdMaven ad network to try at least once to get the greatest results and increase your income.

Trust me, youll be pleased with it and delighted with the results generated by AdMaven.


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