Jarvis (Jasper) Alternatives- Rytr Review

Top 5 Jasper AI Alternatives & Competitors (In-Depth Review)


Looking for a good, affordable alternative to Jasper AI? If yes, you’re in the right place. I have just what you need.

Jasper AI is an amazing AI writing tool that generates unique content for you very quickly. It’s new in this writing sector, but it’s already serving over 45,000 customers from all around the world. Jasper’s writing algorithm is unique and can generate content in any tone you want.

Additionally, there are no collaboration or integration features, making it challenging for large marketing teams to collaborate efficiently, which is essential for content marketing.

I hope that this article will help you decide what the best Jasper AI alternatives is for you. I’ll show you the exact features of each one and how they differ from one another. In addition, you’ll discover how much each AI writing software costs and learn about its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s get going.

Here are the top 5 Jasper AI Alternatives to consider

In this article, we’ll examine five Jasper alternatives.

  • Copysmith
  • Rytr
  • Writesonic
  • Anyword
  • Copy AI

Here’s how they compare to Jasper AI (Jarvis).

1. Anyword #1 Jasper AI Alternative For Copywriting

Anyword Dashboard

Copywriting software based on artificial intelligence that is focused on advertising copy. Aside from producing blog posts, landing pages, and email subject lines, it also writes marketing-related content.

Pros of Anyword

Take a look at some of Anyword’s key features.

1. Predictive performance score 

Anyword doesn’t have as many features as some of its competitors like Copysmith, which allows marketers to wear fewer hats and increase their productivity.

With its predictive performance score feature, the ads creator’s job is made easier. Before using each copy variant, you can validate its potential using this feature.

2. Preset keyword library 

Predefined keywords in Anyword are keywords that you can enter into your content before you publish it, such as new arrivals, coupons, free shipping, and so on. Each copy you write will include these keywords.

Cons of Anyword

Anyword has its downsides, just like any other tool. Let’s take a look.

1. Incompatibility with other tools

The fact that Anyword does not integrate with any third-party apps is a weakness for a tool designed to serve advertising creators. 

It does not integrate with third-party marketing tools such as Shopify, Google Ads, Frase SEO, etc. The integrations each serve a specific purpose and help marketers accomplish more at work.

2. Pricing disparity 

A large price difference is a source of concern for many Anyword users. To upgrade from its basic plan, you’ll have to pay $239. If you want a custom model, you’ll need to schedule a demo.

While Copysmith has more features, it costs less. 

There is a $19 basic plan on Copysmith, and a $59 professional plan. It costs $118 for your team members to use Copysmith, giving them access to all features and practically everything AI copywriting tools have to offer.

Anyword Pricing: How Much Does Anyword Cost?

Anyword Pricing

On AnyWord you can choose from three different plans: Starter, Business, and Enterprise.

The Starter plan costs $19 a month, provides access to all content creation forms, but does not include predictive analytics.

$239 is the cost of the business plan. You can create unlimited content, access all form types, and calculate your score based on predictive analytics.

Last but not least, there is a custom pricing plan.

2. Copysmith:  Another Jasper AI Alternative For Large eCommerce  Teams

Jarvis (Jasper) Alternatives- Copysmith Dashboard

For eCommerce and large marketing teams, Copysmith is the best alternative to Jasper. It is their goal to create software that will improve writer’s block, burnout, and collaboration for marketers and content creators.

Copysmith provides significant value to every content creator, but it’s especially useful for:

  • Owners of eCommerce stores
  • Companies that provide marketing services
  • Large enterprises have in-house marketing departments

Check out these features that simplify your marketing workflow.

Copysmith has unique features that make it a top alternative to Japser-

This is a list of Copysmith’s standout features, which make it a great Jasper alternative.

1. Workflow management and collaboration in-app

You can bring your entire team into a workspace using Copysmith’s workflow management feature and collaborate on multiple projects with them.

By adding team members, assigning roles, and tracking the progress of tasks, you can avoid writing your article in Google Docs and asking for feedback and approval in Slack.

With the help of email addresses, you can easily invite teammates to your workspace before the project begins.

Different team members can be assigned different roles once the project begins.

You can see that Copysmith makes collaboration and working together easy.

2. Integration with third-party apps

Copysmith Integrations

With Copysmith, you have access to some essential marketing apps and tools. A lot of these services are available from Google Ads, Frase, WooCommerce, Shopify, Zapier, etc.

Each of these integrations serves a unique purpose on a different level. I’d like to take a closer look at each one separately.

3. Shopify Integration

It is important to create lots of good product descriptions if you have a Shopify storefront. 

If you manage ten SKUs or 10,000, Copysmith will automatically generate strong descriptions for you based on the spreadsheet you import.

Using this integration, you can directly launch product descriptions from your workspace onto your Shopify storefront. Additionally, you can edit them right from Copysmith’s dashboard.

4. Google Ads Integration

When you create your Ad copy on the platform, you can upload it directly to your Google Ads account. The generated content is sent directly to your Ads account instead of being copied and pasted.

5. Frase Integration

The integration with Frase allows you to optimize content for search engines. Moreover, the feature is accessible without a Frase account.

6. Generation of bulk content

Copysmith’s bulk content generation feature allows you to create numerous versions of a particular content type.

A/B testing multiple headline variations are one of its strongest uses.

There are many options available when you click the bulk copy generation button. Input all of the necessary information under the ‘Ad Headlines’ option. Using Copysmith, you can choose from a variety of headline variations.

7. Built-in Plagiarism checker

With Copysmith, you can check your content for plagiarism. 

On your screen, you’ll see a plagiarism checker icon as soon as you create content. By clicking on it, you can see if your content passed the test.

Copysmith Pricing: How Much Does Copysmith Cost?

Copysmith Pricing

Copysmith is priced at $19 per month. You will have access to all writing templates, integrations, and the free-form smart editor 25 times each month with this pricing plan.

59 dollars per month is the price of the second plan. In addition, you will have access to all templates, integrations, and in-app support, and you will have unlimited access to the smart editor.

Teams’ plans for two users cost $118 per month. All templates are available to you, and you and your colleagues can work together and collaborate in-app.

Last but not least, they have an enterprise solution, which offers greater flexibility and customization. 

3. Rytr #3 Jasper AI Alternative

Jarvis (Jasper) Alternatives- Rytr Review

Rytr is another artificial intelligence-based copywriting tool that is designed to write YouTube channel descriptions, job descriptions, and other marketing-related content.

Take a look at some of the features it offers.

Key Features:

  • More than 30 use cases & templates
  • More than 30 languages are supported for content creation
  • Using over 20 tones and the right emotions
  • Uses PAS and AIDA formulas for scientific writing
  • Write in 25 different content types
  • The style editor is available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Community access to premium content

Pros of Rytr

As an alternative to Jasper, Rytr offers some advantages.

1. Very easy to use

The Rytr app uses a minimalistic design that makes it very easy to use. In addition, due to its lack of features compared to most Jasper alternatives, it is easy to use for anyone familiar with the software.

2. Multiple variants of the article

With Rytr’s AI content, you can choose between different versions and options.

3. Formulas for copywriting

In order to produce high-quality copywriting output, Rytr uses the AIDA and PAS frameworks.

Cons of Rytr

The following are some of the cons of Rytr, which may make you choose another writing software instead.

1. Collaboration and workflow management are not available within the app

In the same way as Jasper, Rytr was designed primarily for small marketing teams. Because of this, there are no collaborative or workflow management features included in its plans. Rytr does not serve the purpose of allowing team members to collaborate easily with each other like Jasper does.

2. Lacks third-party integration features

Despite Rytr’s plagiarism checker, other marketing tools can’t be integrated with it. Like Jasper, it also lacks this feature.

Our platform integrates with marketing tools like Google Docs, Shopify, Zapier, and Woocommerce, unlike Copysmith, which does not. So, if you want a Jasper alternative with integration features, choose our platform.

Rytr Pricing: How Much Does Rytr Cost?

Rytr Pricing

Rytr’s pricing is divided into three tiers. The free plan costs nothing per month and lets you generate up to 5000 characters (between 710 and 1250 words) per month. Saver plan costs $9 per month and gives you access to 50,000 characters (7140 words to 12500 words) per month.

You can generate unlimited characters with the unlimited plan, which costs $29 per month.

In comparison to Jasper, Rytr’s pricing seems more reasonable. Rytr gives users unlimited access to its AI content generation for the same price as Jasper, which caps usage at 20,000 words. 

Aside from that, Rytr’s pricing plans do not support long-form content, whereas Jasper does with its $59 per month Boss Mode. With its starter plan, $19 per month, Copysmith offers 25 credits for use with its smart editor, which allows you to create long-form content.

4. Writesonic

Writesonic review

Writing marketing copy, articles, and product descriptions is the focus of Writesonic, an AI-driven copywriting tool.

Key Features: 

  • Ten credits for a free account
  • Built-in grammar checker
  • Expander and rephraser of content
  • Write and edit content with this text editor
  • SEO-friendly content
  • Within a few clicks, you can create content on any topic
  • Landing page templates
  • For better conversions, use the PAS and AIDA copywriting formula

Pros of Writesonic

These are some of the features that make Writesonic one of the best alternatives to Jasper.

1. Rich text editor

Using this feature, you can directly insert any rich text control you wish into your texts. Hence, when you are exporting them outside the software, it’ll maintain their original text format.

2. Plugin

There is more to Writesonic than just a standalone application. Furthermore, it can serve as a plugin for other document creation products such as Microsoft Word, Dropbox, and Zoho Docs.

Cons of Writesonic

When considering Writesonic as a replacement for Jasper, you should watch out for these drawbacks.

1. Enterprise solutions are not available

As with Jasper, Writesonic does not target enterprise clients. Therefore, if you need a lot of customization options, Writesonic is not a good fit.

2. It does not integrate with third-party applications

Third-party marketing tools and apps cannot be integrated with Writesonic. Jasper is similarly lacking in this regard.

 You should choose an option like Copysmith if you want a writing assistant that integrates with third-party apps.

Writesonic Pricing: How Much Does Writesonic Cost?

Writesonic Pricing

The Writesonic pricing model consists of four tiers. With a basic package, you get 75 credits and one user seat for $15 per month. For $45 per month, you get the professional package. This plan provides unlimited credits as well as one seat per user.

The startup plan includes unlimited credits, two user seats, and $95 per month. Pricing for agency plans is $195 per month. Access to unlimited credits is available to four users.

Although Writesonic appears to offer excellent pricing, it is limited in terms of its features. A plagiarism checker isn’t included in any of Writesonic’s plans. Jasper offers the plagiarism checker as an add-on with Copyscape, whereas Copysmith includes it in every plan. 

In addition, while Copysmith has a chrome extension for all users of its software, Writesonic does not.

5. Copy AI

Copy.ai Review

A tool called Copy AI can help copywriters, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startup founders create marketing copy.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Develop a variety of copywriting formats
  • Chrome extensions are available
  • Get customized copies
  • Customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google
  • For your blog, create outlines, titles, posts, and intros
  • Get high-quality sales copy

Pros of Copy AI

I have listed some key features of Copy AI that make it a great Jasper alternative.

Marketing copy and editorial content

Creating editorial content is one of Copy AI’s strengths. As a result, Copy.ai may be the best AI writing tool for you if you need lots of editorial content.

Straightforward pricing model

The only premium plan, which is $49, is the freemium model, which is free forever. It gives you access to all its features, however.

Cons of Copy AI

Before choosing Copy.ai as an alternative to Jasper, consider the following downsides.

Long-form content can’t be created with it 

In terms of long-form content, Copy AI isn’t the best alternative to Jasper. In fact, this is the major difference between Jasper and Copy AI.

Although Copy AI does not support this feature, it is an integral part of Copysmith’s freeform smart editor and is available on all plans.

Lacks third-party integrations

No marketing tool from a third party integrates with Copy AI. 

Jarvis is also like this. For example, Copysmith integrates with all types of plans

Export features

There is no direct way to export generated content from Copy.ai to PDF, Docs, or third-party tools. Your content must be copied and pasted outside the platform to be used.

Copy AI Pricing: How Much Does Copy.ai Cost?

Copy.ai Pricing

In addition to free credits every month, Copy AI offers 100 free credits for the first month. For $49 per month, you can create unlimited projects and access unlimited credits.

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Conclusion- Jasper AI Alternatives In 2022

In this post, I will look at five Jasper AI alternatives to consider.

These Jasper competitors all have unique features, as you can see. There are many factors to consider in choosing the best one that fits your specific needs.

Founders of startups may prefer Jasper alternatives that lack collaboration features.

A Jasper alternative that integrates well with Google Ads may be preferable if you run an Ad agency.

Consider a Jasper competitor that will allow you to create bulk product descriptions quickly and connect with your Shopify and Woocommerce store easily if you manage a large eCommerce shop.

In response to that question, Rytr is the obvious choice if you are looking for an AI-writing tool that is affordable. However, if what you want is a tool for producing high-quality content easily, then Closers Copy is it. Anyword is a great AI-writing assistant that creates landing pages for you.

I hope that this list of alternatives to Jasper AI will help you make the right decision. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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